The Zoosafari of Fasano and Fasanolandia is a tourist complex that includes a zoological garden and an amusement park located in Fasano, in the province of Brindisi.

The area covers thirty hectares and is home to around 3,000 animals of 200 different species, which can be observed along a car route (zoo safari). Particularly interesting are the groups of giraffes, zebras, lions and Tibetan bears, as well as the only polar bears in Italy.

Where is Zoo Safari located?

For those coming from the north A14 motorway (Adriatica), for those coming from Naples A16 motorway, exit at Bari Nord and take the SS 16 southbound to Fasano.
For those coming from the south (Lecce-Brindisi), take the SS 379 northbound to Fasano.
For those coming from Calabria or Sicily, follow the SS 106 (Jonica) towards Taranto proceeding for Martina Franca, Locorotondo and Fasano.

animals of the zoo of fasano

What to see at Zoo Safari?

The Fasanolandia zoo-safari in Fasano (BR) is the first zoo wildlife park in Italy and one of the largest in Europe for the number of species present. In fact, it hosts about 3000 specimens of 200 different species, in an area with Mediterranean scrub covering about 140 hectares (1,400,000 square meters). Particularly interesting are the groups of giraffes, zebras, lions and Tibetan bears, as well as the only polar bears in Italy which, among other things, reproduce regularly.

The Fasano Zoosafari, embodying the modern vocation of the Zoological Gardens, plays a leading role in the conservation of endangered species.

What to eat at Zoo Safari? Where to eat at Zoo Safari?

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What to do in Zoo Safari?

Meet a tiger resting in the shade of an olive tree, run into a group of zebras enjoying the sun, listen to the powerful roar of the lion, meet the sweet eyes of the giraffe and marvel at the imposing presence of the elephant, the buffalo and the rhino … in the heart of Puglia. No, it is not a dream but the photograph of a special and unforgettable day to spend at the Zoo, immersed in nature and surrounded by the wonder of the animal world, in complete freedom.

attractions of the zoo of fasano

At the end of the journey by car, the visit across the continents of the Earth continues in the pedestrian area. Here, in a setting embellished with lots of greenery, close and extraordinary encounters with the protagonists of the animal kingdom continue. And, as if by magic, you find yourself immersed in the fascinating world of primates: from the beloved gorilla Riù, to the very active chimpanzees, to the agile lemurs. And then again the white alpacas, wild dogs and various large birds.

The experience continues aboard a panoramic monorail that leads to a suggestive area dominated by a small waterfall and a small lake dotted with islets with very special inhabitants: the Lake of the Great Mammals. Here the visitor can get lost in the observation of seals, hippos, gibbons, but also brown bears and polar bears. To complete it all with a visit to the Monkey Village: an unforgettable experience !.

In the Tropical Room begins a path entirely dedicated to reptiles, fish and various invertebrates. In this tensile structure of about 700 square meters, in suitably air-conditioned display cases, it is possible to get to know all kinds of snakes, poisonous and not (boas, pythons, rattlesnakes, vipers), both freshwater and terricolous turtles, saurians, iguanas, monitor lizards, skinks, geckos, chameleons, alligators, tropical fish and even giant spiders, scorpions, butterflies …

The Madagascar Room is a laboratory designed to offer school-age children scientific, sensory, tactile and interactive experiences with biological finds such as bone remains, reptile packs, deer antlers and in vitro material. In the room you can also admire rare living specimens of Lemurs and other species typical of Malagasy fauna, immersed in an extremely natural and suggestive environment.

The historic structure that has hosted various dolphins over the years, has taken on the role of Sea Lion Aquarium for some years. Here, the trainers, during the dedicated educational sessions, take the visitor, adult or child by the hand, to accompany him on a fantastic journey to discover the biology and ethology of sea lions, sea lions and penguins. A formative and exciting experience

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The Story of Zoo Safari:

In the 1970s, the Pedali farm, based in a farm in Fasano, decided to open a farmhouse with a zoo attached to it to attract customers. The park was opened on July 25, 1973, with the part dedicated to the zoo. In the following years the adjacent amusement park was also opened, initially called Fantasilandia, and later renamed Fasanolandia.

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Where to sleep in Zoo Safari?

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exotic animals at the zoo of fasano

Why visit Zoo Safari?

The Safari is the most “wild” part of the park, which the visitor discovers through a path that winds along about 6 kilometers among the olive trees and the centuries-old carob trees of the Mediterranean scrub. An itinerary that reserves interesting surprises: from the animals of the savannah such as tigers, zebras, giraffes, elephants or lions to the typical species of other ecosystems such as deer, camels, collared bears, flamingos … All free and so close, what a unique emotion!

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