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It is a seaside resort made of rocks and sand. It is a holiday resort for the inhabitants of Fasano and a resort for Italian and foreign tourists. In winter, people gather in the village, where there is an elementary school and a pharmacy. In the summer there is a market every Sunday.

Savelletri is known for its characteristic fishing port with about 300 moorings, for its northern coast characterized by ancient buildings on the cliffs near the sea called “white houses” and for the archaeological park of Egnazia.

It is the seat of the Beach Delegation of the Port Authority of Brindisi, with offices located on the Appia Savelletri – Torre Canne state road, in the immediate vicinity of the town; moreover, in the summer period only, the marina is equipped with a pier of about 50 meters for the mooring of pleasure boats, given in concession to the Italian Naval League.

Where is Savelletri located?

Savelletri is a fraction of the municipality of Fasano, in the province of Brindisi, about 7 km from the municipal capital and 59.7 km from the provincial capital.

What to see in Savelletri?

Savelletri is an Apulian town known for its beautiful beaches and its pristine sea. Every summer it welcomes many tourists, who are surprised by the warm welcome of the locals and the many attractions.

Near Savelletri there are museums, archaeological parks and above all the unmissable Zoosafari di Fasano, an attraction visited by thousands of people every year, perfect for families with curious children fascinated by the animal world.

Let’s see below what are the other places to see in Savelletri and the opportunities offered to live an unforgettable holiday.

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Savelletri is a city of culture and historical traditions. Particular is the annual representation “La Befana comes from the sea” (the day of the Epiphany), while the Fasano craft fair presents traditional handicrafts (wedding dresses, knitwear, copper pots, terracotta pots, amphorae … ).

Savelletri is the home of sea urchins! In local restaurants they are served in a myriad of different ways, both traditional and innovative.

panoramic view of torre canne

A tip is to stop at the city port if you are passing through those parts for lunch time: you will find fishermen with fresh sea urchins and many of the same fishermen work to prepare small express dishes, absolutely tasty and genuine.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the Archaeological Park of Egnazia, not far from Savelletri, where excavations, still in progress, have brought to light a small town dating back to the Roman and Messapian times: a real gem for lovers of ancient history.

What to eat in Savelletri? Where to eat in Savelletri?

The Fasano area is particularly suited to the cultivation of vegetables and greens: there are four typically Fasano products that have earned the mark of the Municipal Designation of Origin, De.C.O .: Il Fiorone, the Queen’s Tomato, the Turnip greens and the Barter.

Fiorone, a June delight, is that wonderful fruit that ripens a month earlier than normal figs. Being a first fruit, it offers the palate a particular taste, less sweet and cloying than the normal fig, it is distinguished from the latter also by its larger size. With deep green skin, but those with dark brown skin are also excellent, and whitish pulp tinged with red, they are one of the delicacies that alone justify a visit to Fasano

The Tomato of the queen is a characteristic variety of Fasano, round in shape has a recess at the base similar to a small hole with a soft bright red skin, it is distinguished by the particularly resistant peduncle that allows the binding of the fruits in large braids called “ramasole ”And the consequent conservation for the whole winter period.

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The sea urchins are caught fresh every day by experienced fishermen (you can even notice the wetsuits hanging out to dry!). If you don’t know them, at first glance they may seem a little reassuring: small black balls covered with hard and shiny thorns, certainly an uninviting image for a newbie. However, once opened by safe and expert hands, they reveal a content of a bright and bright orange. And if you find the courage to taste one, all the flavor of the Adriatic Sea will melt in your mouth.

ricci di savelletri

What to do in Savelletri?

The coast of Savelletri, in the middle of a rather rocky coastal stretch, is characterized by the presence of fine sand and shallow waters and is certified with the Blue Flag and the 4 sails of Legambiente, a guarantee of a clean and clear sea.

The large number of beaches, scattered between the beaches of Torre Canne and that of Torre Egnazia, provide its customers with a vast list of bathing and non-bathing services (bar, restaurant, private parking …), including snorkeling and diving activities. underwater; in full harmony with the traditions of the place, fishing courses are often organized for beginners, to learn techniques and tricks from true experts in a few days.

The beaches also take care of evening and night entertainment, with happy hours, events and themed evenings that often see the presence of famous DJs and personalities from the entertainment world, also offering the possibility of organizing private parties by the sea, with a magical and fulfilling atmosphere.

Everyone can find without difficulty the bathing establishment that is right for them: there are both for families and for young people who want to have fun … and in some it is even allowed to bring your four-legged friend with you, while in others you can stop with the camper.

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Where to sleep in Savelletri?

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Why visit Savelletri?

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Savelletri is a fraction of the municipality of Fasano, in the province of Brindisi, about 7 km from the municipal capital and 59.7 km from the provincial capital.

A destination still not very popular compared to other more famous summer destinations in Puglia, Savelletri is a small town but renowned for its beaches, its gastronomic offer and its geographical position.

Among the other beaches, the Lido Cala Pescatore should be mentioned, which is located close to the ancient walls of the Archaeological Park of Egnazia.

Also in the area, the beach of Torre Egnazia, long and wide, is mostly free while for small sections equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds.

Furthermore, one of the most beautiful beaches to reach is Torre Canne Beach.

Characterized by fine white sand bottoms, it hosts renowned bathing establishments where you can spend a day on the beach and have lunch or dinner overlooking the sea, tasting the fresh catch of the day.

Families with children and teenagers can reach the Egnazia Acquapark, the largest water park in Southern Italy.


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