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Conversano, an Apulian jewel immersed in the beauty of the Murgia Barese, is preparing to welcome the 20th edition of the Cherry Festival, an unmissable event that celebrates one of the most iconic fruits of the region.

From 31 May to 2 June 2024, the historic center of the city will come alive with colours, flavors and inebriating scents, offering visitors a unique experience full of tradition and taste.

A riot of flavours

The Ferrovia cherry, a native variety of Conversano, will be the undisputed queen of the party. Tastings, show cooking, workshops and cooking classes will liven up the streets of the centre, allowing you to savor this fruit in all its forms: fresh, candied, in syrup, the protagonist of sweets and savory dishes.

An immersion in local culture

The Cherry Festival is not only a gastronomic event, but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of Conversano.

Exhibitions, musical shows, tourist itineraries and guided tours will delight the public, offering a complete overview of the area and its beauties.

A weekend to enjoy with the family

The party is designed to be a family-friendly event.

Entertainment for children, creative workshops and play areas will guarantee guaranteed fun for the little ones, while parents can enjoy the party in complete tranquility.

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The Cherry Festival in Conversano: A Tasty and Colorful Tradition

In the charming town of Conversano, located in the heart of the splendid region of Puglia, an event awaited and celebrated with great enthusiasm is the Cherry Festival. This holiday, steeped in tradition and local culture, represents a moment of joy and conviviality for the local inhabitants and for the numerous visitors who come from all over to participate in this very special celebration.

The Cherry Festival is a tribute to the agricultural richness and naturalistic heritage of the area, celebrating one of the most loved and characteristic fruits of Puglia: the delicious cherries. Every year, during the ripening period of this succulent fruit, Conversano transforms into a lively and festive stage, where colors and flavors mix in a unique and engaging atmosphere.

The origins of this festival date back to ancient times, when the cultivation of cherries represented one of the main agricultural activities in the area. Over the centuries, the tradition has been consolidated and handed down from generation to generation, becoming an essential point of reference in the calendar of local events.

The Cherry Festival is not only an opportunity to enjoy this delicious fresh and juicy fruit, but it is also a moment to fully experience the culture and traditions of Puglia. The streets of the historic center of Conversano come alive with stalls full of fresh cherries, artisanal jams, traditional sweets and typical local products. Visitors can stroll through the various exhibitions, savoring the delicacies offered by the exhibitors and discovering the culinary art of the region.

But the Cherry Festival is much more than a simple food and wine festival. It is an opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere and identity of Conversano. Numerous cultural events and shows enliven the days of the festival, with popular music concerts, theatrical performances, art exhibitions and much more. Visitors can take part in guided tours to discover the most evocative places in the city and its hidden treasures, thus enriching their experience with new knowledge and emotions.

Furthermore, the Cherry Festival represents an important showcase for local artisans and producers, who have the opportunity to present and sell their creations and typical products. This contributes not only to enhancing the cultural and gastronomic heritage of the region, but also to supporting the local economy and artisan traditions.

But what makes the Conversano Cherry Festival truly special is the atmosphere of celebration and conviviality that envelops every corner of the city. It is a time of sharing and joy, where people come together to celebrate the beauty of life and the abundance of nature. The smiles, sounds and scents that pervade the air create a magical atmosphere, which remains imprinted in the hearts and minds of anyone lucky enough to participate in this unforgettable party.

In conclusion, the Conversano Cherry Festival is much more than a simple food and wine celebration. It is an exciting journey to discover the traditions, flavors and beauty of Puglia, enriched by the warm welcome and hospitality of its inhabitants. It is an experience to be lived and enjoyed fully, which leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of anyone who has the privilege of participating.

A weekend not to be missed

The Cherry Festival in Conversano is a unique opportunity to experience a weekend full of taste, tradition and Apulian culture.

The B&B and Restaurant Masseria Alberotanza are ready to welcome you for an unforgettable stay.

Book your stay in advance and prepare to live an experience full of emotions!

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Useful information:

Dates: May 31 – June 2, 2024
Location: Historic center of Conversano (Bari)

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