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Where is Turi located?

Neighboring municipalities
Casamassima 9,6
Conversano 9,6
Rutigliano 10,5

The region is made up of karst and limestone rock, so it is rich in valleys, sinkholes, wells, caves and underground water veins, from which many wells emerge. The northern part is mainly flat, while the rest of the territory (over 80% of the area) is hilly and exceeds 300 m of altitude. The most important are Monte Ferraro (280 m), Monte Carbone (322 m) and Monte Zingaro (290 m).

The built-up area varies from a minimum height of 230 m to a maximum of 266 m. Due to these characteristics of the territory of Turi there is also a cliff called Lama Giotta, which originates from Via Conversano. On rainy days they fill with water which, if low, pours into the plain below and, if high, into the estuary near Torre a Mare.

turesi cherries

Although there are several woods (Bosco Musacco, Bosco di Procida, Bosco di Monte Ferraro), most of the area (about 65 km²) is used for agriculture.

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What to see in Turi?

In the heart of the city is the most characteristic area of the country, the Historic Center of Turi, a 16th century center located on the highest point of the town. It is the typical old town of this charming Mediterranean village, with its narrow, winding streets lined with small houses and whitewashed walls covered in lime. The history of the city is still alive in the narrow alleys, where ancient “chianche” are preserved, as in via Sant’Andrea. Walking through the narrow streets you will notice the votive shrines depicting various saints that dominate the historic center of the Apulian town. In the alleys of the center of Turi there is also Palazzo Leuzzi, the beautiful palace, an eclectic building with splendid neo-Gothic details.

What to eat in Turi? Where to eat in Turi?

The Trònere di Turi are a typical Apulian delicacy produced in Turi. It is prepared by stuffing pieces of meat with onions and roasting them over a wood fire in a clay pot. A dish with a unique flavor.

Flavored with cinnamon, lemon, cherry jam or sour cherries and glazed with sugar and egg white, it is the most traditional dessert, a nineteenth-century specialty, invented, according to local legend, by the nuns of the convent of Santa Chiara and by a layman of Turi. they have kept the tradition alive by creating a pastry “school” for this delicious product.

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What to do in Turi?

Turi is the city of “Ferrovia” quality cherries. How not to organize a party in honor of this wonderful fruit of the Apulian land? Indeed, the famous festival takes place in June, just during the harvest season, and attracts many tourists. Another event not to be missed is the Sagra Bacchus for Bacchus. The protagonists of this event are the typical products of the city: uncontaminated wine and pomegranates.

The history of Turi:

In the Middle Ages, next to the ancient fortress of Turi, a small double-domed rock church was built, later dedicated to San Rocco in 1505. The layout of the new settlement probably dates back to the early Middle Ages, as evidenced by some Byzantine artifacts found during the restoration works of the Marchesale Palace. These artifacts are several centuries prior to the construction of the Norman castle, which was probably built by Tommaso da Frassineto, first lord of Turi; the 12th century Norman castle still has a wall with two towers and two single-lancet windows; The castle was enlarged by the Venetians and incorporated into the current Palazzo Marchesale, built by the Venetians in the 18th century, and the recent restoration works have transformed it into a splendid palace of ancient grandeur.

In the Turi prison it is also famous for the detention of Antonio Gramsci from 1928 to 1933, of Sandro Pertini from 1930 to 1932 and of the delegate of the Sicilian Communist Party Francesco Lo Sardo in 1926. Many years later, in 1993, the boss of the Sacra Corona Unita Francesco Leone escaped from prison.

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Where to sleep in Turi?

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Why visit Turi?

Visiting turi for its folklore for the feast of the patron saint, which runs from 24 to 28 August, is also a time of great popular celebrations. The most evocative part is the procession of the faithful who escort (running) the busts of the saints from the Mother Church to the Church of Sant’Oronzo alla Grotta. Fireworks and brass bands are an integral part of the celebrations.

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